Don’t want to use your computer to run the shows? Using the ShowTime MiniDirector or LOR1602MP3 will let you operate the shows without the use of a computer. Read on!

  1. The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Software works on your personal computer running Microsoft Windows and allows you to design your own shows.  When your show is ready, the show commands and audio are transferred to a standard SD memory card.
  2. The standard SD memory card with all the show commands and audio is plugged into your ShowTime Director.  The computer running your ShowTime Software Suite is no longer needed.
  3. The ShowTime Director (ShowTime MiniDirector or LOR1602MP3) runs your show and is typically powered from a nearby controller.
  4. The ShowTime Director can run your show continuously, automatically start/shows shows from it’s built-in clock (LOR1602MP3) or use an external triggering device such as a pushbutton or motion sensor.
  5. The ShowTime Director has a standard stereo 1/8″ mini-jack for connecting the audio to your sound system.
  6. The Light-O-Rama ShowTime Pro or ShowTime PC controllers include special effects such as simple on/off, intensities, smooth fading, twinkling, shimmering.  Up to 200 controllers (each handling 16 unique electrical circuits) can be daisy chained on the LOR network giving you the ability to control over 3,200 channels.
  7. Electrical power is supplied to the controller placed close to your lights so you don’t need to run long extension cords.  Commands from the ShowTime Software Suite are performed on each controller.  Power to each of the attached lighting circuits is controlled independently.  Think of having many dimmer switches that the computer can change very quickly and independently.