Light-O-Rama has two different types of RGB Ribbons. Each of the ribbons are LED based, and can change to any color you wish.

The similarities end there. 

There are two types of ribbons. A smart ribbon and a dumb ribbon. It is very important that you understand the difference.

The Light-O-Rama Cosmic Color Ribbon is a SMART ribbon. This ribbon has it’s own controller, and only one ribbon can be attached to that controller. When you purchase the CCR, it comes with a power supply to connect to the controller. Yes, you can have any color you want. You can also have as many colors showing on the ribbon as you wish (up to 50, which is the number of pixel groups on the ribbon.)

The RGB Dumb Ribbon comes in a single or 8 pack. This ribbon is usually connected to a CMB24D controller. The CMB24D needs a seperate power supply in order to operate. While you can have any color you want on the RGB Dumb Ribbon, you can have only one color at a time on the ribbon. This means no matter which color you pick you will have that color over the entire ribbon.