This was posted to the LOR User Forums, by Dan, the owner of the company.

In order for the Light-O-Rama software to be activated by the license key, that software needs to be registered in the Light-O-Rama Database. By keeping a centralized record of the number of different machines a license is used on we prevent unauthorized use of the software.

In general when you register your LOR software, by entering the username and license key, the software will automatically use your Internet connection to contact the LOR license database and register. This is all transparent to the user.

However if your PC is not connected to the Internet then this automatic method will not work. How do you get to the LOR database? The software provides a manual method of registering. But even with this manual method, the target machine does not need to be connected to the Internet BUT there must be a machine somewhere connected to the Internet to complete the registration.

So here is how it works:

1. You go to register the offline machine and you will get to the “Register Light-O-Rama” window. In that window, there are fields where you can enter “Name:” and “License Key:” but that screen requires an Internet connection to work So at the bottom of the screen there is a link: “Need to register offline? Click Here”…

2. You click the “Click Here” on the “Register Light-O-Rama” window. A new window opens, the “Offline Registration” window. You enter your “Name” and “License Key” and click the “Show offline Registration Key” Button.

3. The system now displays to you the eight part offline Registration key. At this point you will need a machine that is online to complete the offline Registration of the machine.

There are a couple of ways to do the next step. You can call Light O Rama (the telephone number to call is displayed just below the offline Registration Key that was just generated)

The other way you can get the key is to go to another machine that is online and has Light-O-Rama installed. On that other machine you will run the offline Registration Utility program that is found in the Light-O-Rama Folder. (The offline Registration Utility program that yo have is the same program used by a Light-O-Rama Representative is you should make the phone call).

In any case you will now need to provide the offline Registration Utility three things, “Name:”, 8 part “License Key:” and 8 part “Offline Registration Key:”… Once you present those three fields to the offline Registration Utility program (or a Light-O-Rama Representative who will enter that info for you”, the Register button is pressed on the offline Registration Utility Program….

This will register your offline machine in the database, however your offline machine does not know that it has been registered yet! To let the offline machine know it has been registered, the 10 part Authorization key which was generated, must be entered on the offline machine.

If you are doing it yourself, then you can just write down the 10 part authorization key and go to the offline machine and type it in. If you are on the phone with a LOR rep then they will read it to you.


Sounds kind of complicated but it only takes a few minutes in the real world. The biggest problem is that because you need to manually enter the keys typos can be an issue. Boxes will turn red if one part is incorrect but it does not cover issues like entering the same part twice, problems with capitalization of name, etc…