There are many files in use in the LOR environment. Here are a listing of some of the LOR file extensions in the software.

.LAS is an Animation Sequence
.LMS is a Musical Sequence
.LSV is what saves your visual preferences (zoom level, etc) within the Sequence Editor.

.LCS is the compressed sequence. You won’t edit this file. It’s created by the software.
.LSC is the schedule files. These are created/edited when you adjust your schedule.
.LSS is the show file. This is the file that contains information to run your show.
.LCC is the Light-O-Rama Channel Configuration file.
.SUP is a Superstar Editor file.
.LEE – Visualizer file.
.LFF – Visualizer fixture file
.LPF – Visualizer prop file
.LPE – Pixel Editor file
.LID – Intensity Data file

S5 Specific LOR file extensions
.LOREDIT – This is the file that is used in the LOR Sequencer.

.BAK is a backup file. It’s created every time you save a sequence. (Animation or Musical.)

If you have “Hide extensions for known file types” enabled, then you may not be working on the file you think you are.

Instructions for changing “Hide extensions for known file types” can be found here:

XP and others
Windows Vista
Windows 7