These are some of the differences between controllers, as described by Dan Baldwin, the founder of Light-O-Rama.

The LOR1602W (LOR) is a commercial grade controller with a UL508 (industrial) rating. It is the only controller in the Animated Christmas Market Place with safety certification. The CTB16PC-ReadyToGO (PC) is not safety certified (but is designed with safety in mind!).

The LOR 1602W is in a heavy duty steel case, the PC is in a plastic case.

The LOR 1602W has a 2 year warranty, the PC has a 1 year warranty.

The LOR 1602W has (non-musical) standalone mode and can as director to control other controllers, the PC cannot.

The electronics in the LOR 1602W are designed for 40amps and down rated to 30 amps; the PC is designed for 30amps.

The LOR 1602W has unit ID switches for easy setup; the PC requires that you use a program on your computer to set the Unit ID. (Note: The G3 controllers now have LED screens.)

The LOR 1602W has safety plate to protect the electronics and reduce shock hazard, the PC does not.

The LOR 1602Whas an on/off switch with easy access fuses, the PC does not.

The LOR 1602Wand the PC do have the same lighting effects and are rated at the same current. They can be used interchangeably in a LOR network.