If you have a lot of RGB channels in your sequence that you want to remove, clicking on them one by one could take a very long time. There is an easier way to delete multiple RGB channels at once.

Applies to: S3, S4

Open the sequence in the LOR Sequence Editor. Right Click on the first RGB Channel you want to remove and click “Convert to Group” option. You now are given the chance to select the first and last channel in the group. Go ahead and select all of the RGB channels you want to remove. The click “Create Group.”

Next right click on the Group that has appeared in your channel listing and select “Delete channel group list.” You are asked if you want to remove the group list, and you would click “Yes” to do so.

This method will allow you to quickly delete multiple RGB channels or regular channels at one time. You don’t have to remove them one by one, just use the channel group function to group the channels together and remove them.

Important: You really should be using Tracks in S3 and S4. Read this post to learn more about tracks.