With the release of S3 comes the new Visualizer program. It also introduces an area of confusion when trying to troubleshoot issues one may be having with the animation view.

Notice how I seemingly used the two phrases “Visualizer” and “animation view” as if they are the same thing? Welcome to the confusion.

Let us look at the two programs.

Animation View

The Animation View is used within the Sequence Editor, only. It is not a stand-alone product. The Animation view is limited in features. For example, you can only have one color assigned per pixel.

LOR Visualizer

The LOR Visualizer is a stand-alone product that has many new features, including the ability to assign more than one channel to a prop/fixture. (Even the phrases “prop” and “fixture” are new to the visualizer.)

If you have a question about either product, please be sure to use the right terminology when asking the question. The products are very different, and as such an answer for one will not help you out in the other.